StartUp Acceleration Program

Aceleração Portugal-Brasil Web Summit 2018


  • Description  


Our mission is to help people become successful entrepreneurs in the Blue Economy. Using our methodology, we help in identifying business ideas, team building, business model design, customer discovery and startups. Quadruple Helix is an acceleration methodology promoted by Rede Dinamica XXI and other European partners to get technology transfer and innovation done with higher impact.


  • Targets


  • Research units’ staff
  • University  students and teachers
  • Blue entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Existing Blue economy enterprises,  including SMEs
  • Business units, particularly those specializing on Blue Economy


The main gains for entrepreneurs participating in can be summarized like this:

  1. Free counseling from entrepreneurship and innovation experts;
  2. Free mentoring from Blue growth specialists;
  3. Acceleration of their business idea / innovation process through Helix methodology
  4. Networking opportunities (research centres, FabLabs, universities,…)  with potential investors.


  • Workshop Schedule (2 full-day Blue Bootcamp (BB) in these cities: Lisbon, Sevilla, Barcelona,  Marseille, Ancona, Zadar, Tirana, Thessaloniki)



  • Methodology



  1. Elaborate, test and validate the business model.
  2. Through the Quadruple Helix methodology, entrepreneurs go through all the components of the business model, validating the critical assumptions and reducing the risk associated with the innovation process (or with technology transfer – if there is any).
  3. Helping to raise investment through a broad network of business angels, partners, mentors.